This has been the perfect pillow, comfort and convenience through and through. I have had my laysee pillow for over 2 years now and it has stood the test of time.


I find it the right amount of firmness. I usually use it in bed, both for wearing my glasses but also for some ear piercings. The neck support is good, although I wish there was a smaller travel size.


i have to lay on my side alot for my back pain. i hope to do alot of reading with it! right now i take off glasses and hold phone 2 inches away from my eye, hahaha. i use it in bedroom. material is great!


The LaySee Pillow works great for me. I read in bed at night, usually on my side, so its so convenient using this pillow! I've been looking for something like this for a while, so was very excited when a friend told me there was a pillow designed specifically for those who wear glasses.


I love this pillow! I purchased it when I got cochlear implants so as my head was healing from surgery I could sleep on either side without pressure. It’s been such a help! I use it nearly every night! After I healed from surgery I found I love turning the pillow over and having the space for my arm. This is my favorite pillow! It is the perfect height! And does a great job providing sport! The size Is perfect. The only change I’d make is to either not use a zipper or maybe a different closure as sometimes that bothers me. I am off the charts excited you are coming out with a pillow case for this!!!!!! Thank you so much for creating it!!!


My son uses it all the time relaxing in his room. He watches YouTube on his tablet always with his Laysee pillow.


I really like this pillow. I use it while watching Netflix in bed. I wish it were just a bit thicker.


Firmness is just right. I really love it and use it every night to read my kindle in bed. I take it with me whenever possible if I'll be away from home. As I'm in the UK, I understand you will make a charge for shipping.


Soft, firm is just right. I love how squishy soft it feels. Yet it holds it's shape and does not melt into a puddle. This pillow is quality in appearance and structure. Well made. Love the softly rounded look versus harsh square corners everywhere. Nicely sewn ribbing on the current outer cover. Nice job as it is!!! Well done!


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