• What is The LaySee Pillow made of?
    • The fill is made of natural Latex and the cover is made of Tencel® lyocell fabric.
  • Why is The LaySee Pillow made with Latex?
    • Latex is long lasting, comfortable, and durable enough to allow the pillow to keep its unique shape. Latex is quickly becoming the most popular fill for luxury pillows due to the comfort it offers. Latex is also all natural, and the process used in Latex production has a low environmental impact.
  • Does The LaySee Pillow work with any sized glasses?
    • Through trial and error we have crafted the dimension of the pillow and size of the open channel to fit a variety of different sized glasses. We haven’t come across a pair that The LaySee Pillow doesn’t work for!
  • Is The LaySee Pillow actually comfortable?
    • Yes! The Latex is soft and responsive, yet still firm enough to support your head. The Tencel® cover is soft against even the most sensitive skin.
  • Do I need to put a pillow case on The LaySee Pillow before I use it?
    • Nope! We have designed the pillow with a soft Tencel® cover so that it can be used as is without additional coverings.
  • Can The LaySee Pillow be washed?
    • Absolutely! We designed the cover with a zipper on the bottom of the pillow to allow for easy removal and cleaning. The cover is machine washable and the Latex can be hand washed using warm water and detergent if needed.
  • Will The LaySee Pillow lose its shape as I use it?
    • No! That’s what’s so great about Latex! It’s extremely durable and “springs” back to shape after compression. Latex pillows actually can last for 12+ years with good care.
  • Will you ever make The LaySee Pillow using different materials?
    • We chose Latex and Tencel® because they are extremely high quality materials and work best for the function of the pillow. In the future we may offer different materials or even additional pillow covers so that you can customize your pillow!
  • How large is the pillow?
    • 4.3 inches tall, 11.8 inches long, and 11.8 inches wide.
  • Which countries do you ship to? 
    • As of now, we ship to the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, and Australia! Please sign up for our email list or check back with us for important updates regarding international shipping and new countries added!
  • What do I do if I stain or ruin my pillow cover? 
    • If you have tried washing your pillowcase and find that you can't quite return it back to its original condition and need a new one, no problem! We offer free replacement pillow covers for life! Just email us at info@thelayseepillow.com with your name, order date, and shipping address and let us know you need a new pillowcase.
  • What if my LaySee Pillow gets ruined or damaged while using it?
    • The LaySee Pillow is made of very durable natural latex which holds its shape, remains supportive, and lasts approximately 7 years longer than traditional fluff-filled pillows. If through normal use and care, you find that it doesn't keep it's shape, just let us know! We offer a 10 year warrantee on all LaySee Pillows purchased. Just email us with your name, order date, and description of issue, so that we may help get a new one sent out to you at no cost! (some exceptions apply i.e. damages not caused by normal use and care).


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